Metal-uPVC Systems

Beautiful windows and doors construction using metal-integrated uPVC, along with it’s wide range of functions, provides for a comfortable and secure living experience. It not only provides heat insulation, thereby saving valuable energy and the associated expenditure, it also shuts out unwanted external noise from penetrating into the living environment. Made from special durable metal-reinforced uPVC materials, they are weather resistant, and completely corrosion-proof, with practically no additional maintenance requirements. The in-built metal reinforcement ensures the construction maintains its shape and will not deform under load, for the entire lifetime of the construction.

They are highly flexible, in both design and dimensions, and the constructions could be built to different shapes, varying from rectangular, polygonal, round, arc, or customized solutions.

The sash, which is the opening part, could be hung from the side or the top. The technology behind the construction enables it to open in different variations such as turn-only, tilt and turn, single sliding, multiple sliding and can even be electronically controlled. they are, in fact, very versatile in functionality. These construction have wide range of use, such as in residential homes, block of flats, offices, hotels, churches, mosques, museums, etc.

Using stylish lamination, the appearance could further be enhanced, producing that rich exotic wooden appearance, and this can be applied either to one or both sides of the construction.

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Below Are Some Benefits Of Using The Metal-uPVC System

  • Tough and extremely durable, due to its superior material
  • Does not distort under intense heat
  • Hygienically smooth and easy-to-clean frame surface
  • Noise-insulating & Energy-saving using multi-chamber frames and special glazing packets
  • Does not corrode and disintegrate
  • Enhanced beauty and elegance using laminations
  • Protected from discoloration for extended years
  • Added security protection feature

Popular Opening Directions

Most of the constructions fall into any of the three opening categories: InwardsOutwards or Sliding.

  • little-girl-looking-through-a-window

    Inwards Opening (Metal-uPVC)

              Inwards opening systems means that the movable sash opens inwards, into the apartment. For windows designs, the sash could be one or more, each of…

  • outwards-opening

    Outwards Opening (Metal-uPVC)

    Outward opening casement metal-uPVC windows and doors characteristically open outwards, away from the apartment interior. These kind of constructions have the advantage of economizing space in the apartment, and is…

  • upvc-sliding-sys

    Sliding (Metal-uPVC)

    Metal-uPVC sliding windows and doors are among the most elegant and space-economizing systems available in the windows and doors construction technology. Depending on their size, implemented sliding technology and sophistication,…

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