Aluminum Systems

Strong, durable and corrosion-resistant, the aluminum profile is among the different profiles used by Rotex Glass for the construction of modern windows and doors. They are used for the fabrication of beautiful internal doors, balcony doors, windows of different dimensions and shapes. Its native flexibility enables its deployment for a wide range of projects, from simple to complex and seemingly impossible constructions. Opening positions of constructed windows and doors could be inwards, outwards, sliding, tilt and turn, as well as tilt and slide.

  • al-sys-inwards-opening

    Inwards Opening

    These are elegant constructions with traditional inwards opening direction. The window or door construction opens inwards into the room or apartment. This is referred to as the «turn-only» opening system,…

  • aluminum-door-outwards

    Outwards Opening

    Windows and doors built on durable and elegant aluminum systems could also be constructed to open outwards, as may be required. They are easily customizable to different individual demands, which is…

  • Al-Sliding-Door


    Beautiful sliding doors and windows constructed using aluminum frames fall into three major types: monorail, duo or multi-sliding, all of which are unique in functionality. The most versatile is the…

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