Beautiful sliding doors and windows constructed using aluminum frames fall into three major types: monorail, duo or multi-sliding, all of which are unique in functionality. The most versatile is the multi-sliding, in which all the individual sashes freely slide from side to side, while in the duo-rail, only one of the component sashes slides to open and close the door or window.

Besides their unique elegance, they are adaptable to any aesthetic situation with comfort, energy-saving and security. Aluminum sliding systems ensure high thermal insulation performance, excellent acoustic insulation, water tightness, air tightness as well as resistance to saline corrosion and harsh atmospheric agents

They are a common sight in top-notch hotels, high-class residential apartments, and many constructions with wide entrances.

 Using modern technology, Rotex Glass Euro-trained Engineers can fabricate customized constructions, tailored to client’s specifications, using the aluminum sliding system. Contact us today at Rotex Glass Ltd., to discuss about your project, and secure the best pricing available.

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