Innovation (Patio)

The Patio system is an innovative and advanced sliding technology for modern windows and doors. It is crafted by Roto Germany, one of the world’s leading companies in the windows and doors hardware engineering, and a long-standing strategic partner of Rotex Glass Ltd.

The Patio system could be considered as the epitome of sliding technology, and correctly so. It can be deployed for the construction of seemingly impossible designs like arc type sliding, wall-type sliding, electronically-controlled sliding systems with integrated e-surveillance and numerous other complex sliding designs.

All Patio hardware versions are compatible with the Roto MVS magnetic locking and opening monitoring system. Connected to an alarm system, the MVS sends a signal if windows or doors are not properly locked or opened by force.

That is probably why it is considered by some industry experts as the elite brand, that gets deployed where other sliding systems fail. Sliding movements include slide-only, tilt and slide or even integrated  with tilt and turn sash as evident in Patio 6080.


The Patio technology is compatible with different profiles, including aluminum, PVC, and wood profiles. Most constructions fall into either of two groups: Patio Fold or Patio Inline.

  • _MA_Sliding_0005_KV_Roto_Patio_Fold_v0

    Patio Fold

    The Patio folding system, is also sometimes referred to as the «fold and slide». As the name suggests, the component sashes can all be folded together as they slide to…

  • _MA_Sliding_0006_KV_Roto_Inline_v0

    Patio Inline

    Patio inline system refers to elegant and sometimes complex linear or non-linear sliding door constructions, using the Patio technology. With an in-line patio door, your room will feel instantly brighter…

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