Rotex Glass Automated Windows

Similar to other trending conveniences, automated door and windows have increasingly become a necessity in our homes and work spaces.

Rotex Limited has developed doors and windows of modern quality; automated window and doors that detect activities around their environment and respond by either opening or closing. Automated moving mechanism (doors and windows) are activated for the comfort, safety, damage-free and security of our customers. These models are in existence to facilitate emergency, urgency as well as comfort. They offer convenience and comfort while providing a multitude of profits for an easier and rapid access to homes and offices.

The automated windows and doors were generated for the purpose of natural and smoke ventilation. They have been programmed to detect any movement or impact on the environment. Hence being automated, it can operate without any control. The windows can detect smoke, rain, climate change, smog or strong winds and immediately react to any activity within a 2 second range.

The major advantages of our products are their; influence on the environment positively. These automated doors and windows do not disrupt your daily activities while in use; rather the help get rid of constant struggle and complications when it comes to opening a heavier manual door. It also provides assistance for unfit or occupied personals; elderly, handicapped, children in tow as well as people carrying heavy loads, luggage and children. Our automated doors and windows give you the options to operate them manually.

To further explain how secured and safe our Rolex Limited automated doors and windows are; after being installed properly and checked regularly, they provide a safe and convenient surrounding for everyone. Homes and offices are provided alarms connected to our doors in times of unauthorised personnel; therefore, burglary is a case not to worry about. There is no necessity for extra security systems to prevent burglars or thieves from intruding your premises or property.

Our automated doors and windows come in different unique styles and designs, which give your environment a smart and sophisticated look. They are produced with the highest standard of quality ad safety.

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