Rise Of High End Windows In Nigeria

Before now, windows were merely an afterthought in the construction process in Nigeria but not anymore. Now Nigerians are asking for windows with values that can enhance their lifestyle.

Since 2015, windows, like other aspects of the house are following modern trends in overall design aesthetics all over the world due to the following reasons;

1. Climate change: Since the UN climate change conference in Paris 2015, top-level architects in Nigeria have begun to incorporate and promote sustainable building through the application of bioclimatic design and energy-saving solutions for buildings. This application takes into consideration the local climatic conditions in other to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

2. Clients getting more sophisticated: Lately, the perception of windows by Nigerians who seek ways to enhance their lifestyle has changed. Consequently, the need for architects and designers to satisfy them with more sophisticated and efficient solutions has risen. This inevitably involves incorporating windows into their new and remodeled home projects, to make beautiful statements of
class with regards to their societal status. Nigerians’ taste in good finishing and automation of houses and interior has dramatically shifted.

3. Functionality and Design:  As Nigerians become more technologically informed, it becomes imperative to modify window hardware to enable a wide range of functions and opening systems to suit their mood, weather and their day to day needs. With the aforementioned reasons came the emergence of high-end windows in Nigeria. Some types of high-end windows in Nigeria since 2015 are;

1. Rotex flagship Tilt and turn double glazed windows: The Tilt and Turn window gives you the freedom to choose how to ventilate your space. You can tilt, turn or keep your window open at a micro-ventilation position depending on your mood and the weather. It also comes with stylishly fixed nets, window sills that serve as an extra shelf for multiple decor purposes. This is now
perceived as the best windows in Nigeria.

2. Rotex remote and switch controlled system: This comes with a durable opening system and it is a combination of functionality and class. Nigerians mainly see this as a statement of class. However, these windows are easily incorporated into a smart-home system and can be centrally operated.

3. Rotex Pull and Slide  patio door:  This adds an elegant exit to any pool-side, veranda or lounge. Offers easy functionality and highly durable as it is powered by European hardware from top brands.

4. Rotex Foldable Patio doors: This is perfect for lovers of space as it doubles as both interior and exterior door, in instances where you want to integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. It helps transform and enlarge space when folded into a compact design.

A European company that stands out in this realm of high-end windows in Nigeria is Rotex Glass LTD. After just 3 years of entry into the Nigerian market space, Rotex prides itself with THE BEST WINDOWS IN NIGERIA today. The company’s strategy is to deliver windows that MUST enhance the lifestyle of the user.

1. Energy Efficient: At Rotex, they give you high-end windows that refund your money. How so? Rotex double-glazed windows reduce very sharply the penetration of heat into the house by deflecting up to 60% of the heat rays from the sun. This means that your air-conditioners would have to do less work thus saving the amount of energy they consume. Your saved cost on electric energy becomes the refund of what you invested in these windows.

2. Noise reduction: It is a fact that noise pollution degrades our quality of life and has a negative impact on our health. From damaging our hearing, increasing the heart rate, anxiety and stress levels which leads to high blood pressure, to affecting school and work performance. The good news is we've got ROTEX to the rescue!  Their double glazed noise-reduction windows and
doors SHUT DOWN 95% of external noise and this means, sound sleep and an increase in school and work performance!

3. Dust reduction: Study proves that dust mites are a common cause of Asthma in children and other dust related allergies. Modern houses today deserve no-dust penetration windows because they have your health concerns covered. That means no particle of dust can ever penetrate their windows, no matter how long you are away from that house! We know that people with dust mites allergies often suffer the most in their homes. Hence, Rotex windows remains our first choice considering the moist/damp rainy season and in the dusty harmattan season.

4. Durable and long lasting:  The Rotex window profile system consists of innovative highly durable metal internally and uPvc externally which is resistant to moisture, atmospheric pollution, moulds, does not rot, rust, blister or flake and does not change in shape. Unlike aluminium profiles, Rotex frames are unaffected by salt corrosion which makes them perfect for coastal dwellers in Nigeria. The scorching heat from the sun during the harmattan season would not cause the frames to fade because they are highly UV resistant.

5: Low maintenance: Rotex windows are easy to clean with a simple wash of soapy water from inside the house and can not be damaged by tough stains.

6. Top security: Rotex has now launched her bullet-proof windows in Nigeria. The company has researched the very best security glass and profiles for the Nigerian Lead scene. Their bullet-proof windows series have been tested with the most regularly used guns in Nigeria. 9 millimeter bullets could not penetrate even one of the 2 glasses in their new IGU!!! These top security windows are now on offer from Rotex showrooms in Nigeria. This company has become the undisputable pace-setter in high-end windows industry in Nigeria. There is now a saying, “a house with Rotex windows always stands out”. Nigerians now see Rotex windows in a house as a status feature.

Obviously other European companies will emerge in Nigeria and that will only be to the benefit of the consumers. So, when next a company offers you windows, ask, “What values can your
windows bring to my house and how can they enhance my lifestyle?”

Author: Arch. Henry Nwaogwugwu.

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