Benefits of Rotex Glass Energy Saving Windows

Rotex uPVC windows are energy saving windows which are essentials in our homes.

Due to the airtight construction of double glazed windows, thermal insulation is created for the purpose of balancing the weather to benefit end users.

They are designed to control the weather; during cold weather they block condensation and in sunny times it controls the heat flow. The benefits are endless with features that conquer our weather.

These energy saving windows are created for the comfort of our customers, with saving light bills, eliminating drafts, blocking moisture, saving repair cost, damage control and lighting control; Energy is being saved when the weather is controlled through the use of high quality edge spaces, frames and thermal insulation.

The spacers are used to block moisture and prevent condensation while the thermal insulation controls heat flow in and out of the environment. The efficacy of the windows ranges from 11 to 24 percent in heat season and range 7 to 31 percent in cold season.

This will save extra bills for air conditioning and so much more. The common issue with normal windows is their lack of ability to control movements that feel drafty with continuous loss of heat. These windows are protected by a thin layer of metal which repels condensation. This prevents the room from getting cold.

Also, Rotex windows prevent direct UV (ultraviolet) rays through the glass into the home which can cause overheating, discomfort as well as fading to items in the house such as carpet, paintings, fabrics, artwork, paper, wood and others.

These high quality energy saving windows are clear and easy to maintain. Tinting is not required in order to perform. Tinting is extra cost and can reduce the visible light as well as obstruct sight.

Rotex uPVC windows are recommended because they provide maximum comfort, quality and aesthetics that is unmatched anywhere in Africa.

If you need more information about Rotex Windows, kindly send an email to info@rotexglass.com or call +234 814 888 5555, +234 816 720 6097. We respond within minutes.

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