Advantages of Rotex Double Glazed Windows

Rotex double-glazed windows also known as insulated glass, consists of two panes; clear and thick glass separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope. Double-glazed windows offer tremendous advantages as they feature; Saving energy cost:

These double-glazed windows create thermal insulation which reduces the flow of heat. This exposes an energy saving feature which is due to the double layer of glass. This will help manage our energy bills and lessen use of air conditioner which takes a lot of energy.

The glass balances the weather especially in the northern region of Nigeria during very cold weather. It prevents moisture blocking which leads to condensation. This will help keep warm at home.

Damage control:
With heat-controlling features to prevent damaging of furniture, carpet and home paintings, it also prevents home incidents or burglary. Due to its thick layers, it cannot easily be broken or pened from the inside. This increases longevity for both objects at home and the windows itself.

Noise control:
Due to the gas filled space, the windows act as some sought of soundproof which filters noise from the outer environment. This is the best for residents of urban areas.

Increases value:
Once these double glazed windows have being installed the value of your home immediately increases. If necessity to sell the house in the future comes up, this investment will benefit you. In Nigeria, the double-hung windows which are commonly installed when building homes have less advantage in relation to our weather. These windows consist of a single pane unit which has no heat protecting feature, rather limited ventilation and are not as airtight.

With the production of uPVC double glazed windows progressing, Rotex has established itself as the first producers of such glass solution in Nigeria.
If you need more information about Rotex Double Glazed Windows, kindly send an email to info@rotexglass.com or call +234 814 888 5555, +234 816 720 6097. We respond within minutes.

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