• Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds

    These blinds are widely used in many office and administrative buildings due to their simple, convenient and elegant appearance, while providing easy and flexible ways of controlling light penetration. The…

  • multi textured vertical blinds

    Multi-textured Vertical Blinds

    These are variations of vertical blinds that combine multiple layers of fabrics and decorative plastics to produce different patterns of vertical blinds that are strikingly beautiful. Each of the different…

  • Zebra Roller Blinds

    The alternating dark and transparent horizontal bands of the zebra roller blinds enable these blinds the ability to offer sunlight management features not available in other similar blinds. By altering…

  • Roller Blinds

    When fully rolled up, they are hardly noticeable, allowing unobstructed external view from inside, while ushering in those early morning or evening sunlight. When rolled down, they can cover the…

  • blinds

    Pleated Blinds

    Pleated Blinds are  elegant curtains, made with pleated fabrics that are designed for maximum interior protection from sun-rays. They can be used in practically all windows of varied sizes and…

  • Horizontal Aluminum Blinds

    Horizontal Aluminum Blinds

    They are among the most widely used traditional window blinds in offices, commercial and other administrative buildings. They are easy to use and relatively low cost. They look good, but…

  • Remote Controlled Curtains

    These utilize specialized smart curtain rails that enables easy control of curtain installations. They are particularly useful for curtain installations in high places not easily reachable without additional assistance. Different…

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