Rotex Glass Products

Basic Products

These are Rotex Glass’ range of window and door products, built using the Metal-uPVC profiles. They include the typical tilt and turn Metal-uPVC windows, Metal-uPVC balcony doors, Patio Metal-uPVC folding doors, Metal-uPVC rotating windows, and also Metal-uPVC smart windows and doors.

Metal-uPVC Systems

Beautiful windows and doors construction using metal-integrated uPVC, along with it’s wide range of functions, provides for a comfortable and secure living experience. They are weather resistant, and completely corrosion-proof, with practically no additional maintenance requirements.


All our Accessories are grouped into two main categories, interior and exterior accessories. Interior accessories consist of all window and door accessories that are only used internally within a residential or commercial apartment, while exterior accessories refer to all other accessories used externally.

Innovation (Patio)

The Patio system is an innovative and advanced sliding technology for modern windows and doors. It is crafted by Roto Germany, one of the world’s leading companies in the windows and doors hardware engineering, and a long-standing strategic partner of Rotex Glass Ltd.


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About Rotex Glass

Rotex Glass Limited is registered under number 873524 at the CAC in Nigeria. It is a division of Rotex Group of companies based mainly in Europe. Since 1998, Rotex Group has become a highly reputable and active player in the building and construction industry in Europe. Rotex Glass produces high quality glass solutions like windows in Nigeria using metal-uPVC profiles from a leading German manufacturer, Aluplast GmbH and hardware from a world market leader, Roto Frank AG...

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